24 more hours of eat'n punk

random :: they will not let you stay

well, i guess im now officially insane.
yesterday myself, nina, kira, rachel, and geoff all attempted to stay at eat'n park for a consecutive 24 hours. 

we got there at around 9:00pm, got a table in the back and started talking to the factor 8 kids. nate and amanda showed up, kiala showed up for a while, and so did rachel's mom. we ate a few times and got a lot of drinks. we were so board... and have been watching fight club "too much", and gave each other chemical burns with ice and salt. but the madness hadn't even started to set in until the manager kicked us out at 4:30. we thin proceeded to go to the air port and try to sneak onto planes. it didn't work. and we went to the eat'n park in robinson twp. after his 3rd or 4th cup of coffee, geoff went to sleep in my car. so the rest of us stayed there until around 5:45. by then i had kira convinced that we were in a "bazarro" eat'n park in siberia, run by robots... and that she was also a robot. she lay laughing so much, and rolling in the aisle. nina was convinced that if we listened to crass on the way home the tumor in my head would explode. ("im glad i don't have a tumor. but if i did, i'd name it marla.") then we went to nina's house and slept...